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What is PDF Split Or Merge ?
PDF Split Or Merge is a powerful Free utility that you can use to Split a PDF file to a number of smaller PDF files, or Merge a group of PDF files into one PDF. We have designed the program to be very easy to use. It will help you finish your task in seconds.

The program can handle the PDF bookmarks after applying the split or merge tasks to it, so for example if you have merged a group of PDF files together, and some of them were having bookmarks lists defined for them, you have an option in PDF Split Or Merge to merge all the PDFs’ bookmarks together too in the output PDF, or you can ask the program to ignore those bookmarks at all.

What makes PDF Split Or Merge special is its simplicity. Every task in the program can be done in 4 easy steps to finish your task in a minute. PDF Split Or Merge is designed for novice PDF users.

PDF Split Or Merge can handle large PDF files and apply the selected task on it very fast. Every couple of months we create a new release for PDF Split Or Merge, to add new features and make it more user friendly.

Split a PDF

How can i split my 50MB PDF document to a number of smaller size documents ?
  • Choose “Split PDF” task, then click “Next” to go to Step2.
  • Browse and select the PDF file that you want to split.
  • Click “Validate” to check if the PDF is corrupted or not. If it is password protected, a small dialog will appear so you can enter its password and unlock it.
  • Click “Next” to move to Step3.
  • Specify the ranges of pages you want to split. Each range of pages you specify will be saved in a new PDF file.
  • You can use the advanced splitting method which allows you to split your PDF by :
    1. Single pages: Each page in your PDF will be saved in a new PDF file.
    2. Every 20 or 30 pages or any number of pages you specify in the PDF.
    3. Bookmarks: If your PDF document has bookmarks like ours, then you can select the bookmarks to split the PDF at the bookmarks specific pages numbers.
  • There is another option in this step: “Write bookmarks”. This option will be very helpful in case you have bookmarks defined in your PDF. If enabled, then the bookmarks of the PDF will be split too at the specified ranges and written to each output PDF.
  • Click “Next” to go to the final step.
  • In this step you can specify the output folder where you want to save the final PDF files. You can also specify their new names.
  • Finally, click “Start splitting” to start splitting your books.
The task will end in seconds, and you will see a success report after the task is complete.

Merge a group of PDF files

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