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What is PDF Add Pages ?
PDF Add Pages is a powerful utility that you can use to add one or more empty pages to your PDF documents. We have designed the program to be very easy to use. It will help you finish your task in seconds.

The program can handle the PDF bookmarks after applying the task to it, so if you have added some empty pages to a PDF that has bookmarks defined into it, you have an option in PDF Add Pages to update the PDF bookmarks in the output PDF, or you can ask the program to ignore those bookmarks at all.

What makes PDF Add Pages special is its simplicity. The insert pages task of the program can be done in 4 easy steps to finish your task in a minute. PDF Add Pages is designed for novice PDF users.

PDF Add Pages can handle large PDF files and apply the selected task on it very fast. Every couple of months we create a new release for PDF Add Pages, to add new features and make it more user friendly.

Insert a number of empty pages inside a PDF

How can I insert empty pages inside my PDF documents, with a “This page is left intentionally blank” line inside them ?
  • Open the program, and choose “Insert empty pages” task, then click “Next” to go to Step2.
  • Browse and select all the PDF files you want to insert blank pages for.
  • If any of those PDF files is password protected, you can enter its password in the “Password” field to unlock it.
  • For each of your selected PDF files click the “Edit” icon in the “Empty pages specifications” to open a dialog, through which you can specify after which pages of the PDF book you want to insert the blank pages, and how many blank pages to insert.
  • After specifying those specifications click “Next” to move to Step3.
  • In this step you have 3 options that will give you the chance to specify how you want your blank page to look like.
    1. Edit empty page size: This option will allow you to specify the dimensions of the inserted blank page. You can set the page dimensions to have the same dimensions of the page just before it or the page just after it in your PDF book, or you can set the dimensions manually.
    2. Edit empty page background color: As it appears from this option’s title, a color palette will appear so you can choose the background color for the blank pages.
    3. Insert text inside the empty page: That is the option that you will use to write “This page is left intentionally blank” text in the blank pages. You can specify the type, size, and color of the text font, in addition you can specify where to insert that text inside the page. Mostly you will insert the text in the middle of page, which is the default option.
  • There is another option in this step: “Write bookmarks”. This option will be very helpful if you have bookmarks defined in your PDF. Since you have added some blank pages to your PDF, the pages numbers will be incremented, and the bookmarks will now point to wrong pages. But by enabling this option, the bookmarks will automatically be incremented too, to point to the right pages in your PDF.
  • Click “Next” to go to the final step.
  • In this step you will can specify the output folder where you want to save the final PDF files. You can also specify their new names.
  • Now click “Start” to start inserting the blank pages to your books.
The task will end in seconds, and you will see a success report after the task is complete. You can see a sample of the blank page below.